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Patagonia Long Sleeve

Patagonia is the ultimate answer to a warm, warm climate. We make going to the sunnier states easy and fun, with our comfortable long-sleeve tee shirt. With a new double-sided logo, this shirt will help you stay sun-kissed and comfortable all day long.

Patagonia long sleeve

Patagonia long sleeve

By Patagonia


Patagonia Capilene Graphic Long Sleeve

The argentina capilene graphic is a stylish and comfortable long sleeve capilene. It is made from durable and comfortable fabric, and it is made to keep you warm and dry. The capilene is easy to wear, because it is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Long Sleeve Patagonia Shirt

The long sleeve patagonia shirt is a perfect choice for a day out in the sun. The shirt is made from organic cotton and has a gray color that will give you a cool look. This shirt is a great choice for those who are looking for a stylish shirt that they can wear on any day. are you looking for a stylish and warm weather shirt? look no further than the patagonia long sleeve shirt! This shirt is made of 100% cotton and features a stylish vented shirt collar and fabric v-neckline. The shirt is made of mesh webbing and fabric cuffs and has an adjustable fit. The long sleeve shirt is made to keep you warm and keep your head and chest warm in cold weather conditions. patagonia is the naming of the company's name in the wolfe-patman name. The shirt is made of 100% post-consumer content and comes from a plant that is570% processing + post-consumer content=2, 744%! Ultimately, this shirt is made of materials that have been finished with other products in the store. this patagonia capilene long sleeve crew shirt is a great choice for those that love the tough stuff. With a durable fabric and a comfortable fit, this shirt is perfect for any activity.